Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Katya Leonovich F/W 2012: Inspired Architecture

Designer: Katya Leonovich
From her all American sports inspiration last season, a youth infused take on classic American past time sports, it's amazing to see Katya Leonovich grow as a designer; with this season using classic architecture as her source of inspiration.
For Fall/Winter 2012 the designs are reflective of architecture and structures some of which one may recognize during their travels around New York City. The obvious print fabrics are just the shallow surface of the entire inspiration. One must appreciate the use of irridescent fabrics with a metallic sheen, which I find almost mimicking the facade of the iconic Chrysler Building. Furthermore, the structure of the jackets from its sharp geometric angles, peakaboo cut-outs, and angled designs all mirror certain architectures around the city and the world.
One of my favorite pieces in the collection is the dress with the rope detailing that stems from the mid section and all the way through the shoulder, almost like a butterfly wing. The construction, prints, and colors all work together beautifully.

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