Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fashion Week 2012: Fashionable Flocks (PHOTOS)

Fashion Week 2012: Fashionable Flocks (PHOTOS)

Bling Makes a Big Splash During Fashion Week - New York

Bling Makes a Big Splash During Fashion Week - New York

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kick-off NYFW F/W 2013: Prelude

A quick preview of what's been happening during New York Fashion Week thus far, the F/W2013 season is almost wrapping up, but there are so many more talented designers to see and preview! I will begin posting write-ups about each designer I covered right after everything closes.. but for now enjoy the people and faces of fashion!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Monique Lhuillier S/S 2013: Life of the Sea

Phenomenal best describes Monique Lhuillier’s Spring /Summer 2013 collection. Inspired by the beauty of water and the “life of the sea” the collection was a burst of life in an array of colors just as magnificent and intricate as the world’s oceans. Monique created a collection so surreal that it almost transports the audience into an underwater world, as if one was living in the lost city of Atlantis.
“Evening is all about fluidity and movement, almost mermaid-like. Shimmering gold, sea glass beading in silhouettes close to the body showing lots of skin to create a very sensual woman for spring.”
Sensuality definitely prevails as an endless parade of body flattering evening wear debut into the runway in peplum and mermaid silhouettes in a plethora of colors such as aqua, coral, sea-foam, blues, purple, and lace embroidered in black. Spring/Summer 2013 is ushered in by cool colors alluding to the sea. Also notable in this collection are the amazing prints used, such as ‘bold-crane, fish, and abstract koi’ bringing to life the garment with picturesque life of the seas.
What I truly appreciate about a Monique Lhuillier show is that it always presents an amazing variety, from chic pant ensembles, shorts, jackets, and into her signature glamour stamped evening dresses from cocktail to floor sweeping lengths everything is beautifully cohesive and visually stunning!
On a side note, this season I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Amparito Lhuillier (Monique’s mom), and was instantly enamored by her vibrant personality and beauty. Having grown up in Cebu, Philippines where the Lhuillier family has risen to prominence, it was such an honor to meet someone who has uplifted our community. Mrs. Amparito Lhuillier was a true delight and such a wonderful supporter to her daughter and her beautiful work.


Monday, January 14, 2013

VLOV by Qing Qing Wu S/S 2013: Design Serenity


Ever since his New York Fashion Week debut a few seasons ago, Chinese designer Qing Qing Wu has caught the attention of New York’s fashion elites and fashionistas alike with his fluid menswear silhouettes and light weight fabrics and construction for VLOV. Often, one is accustomed to the structured designs of menswear, but VLOV is an unexpected balance of lightweight silks, linens, and cottons that surprisingly holds impeccable tailoring.

Influenced by “tranquility and a serene sense of calmness” Qing Qing Wu reflects this in VLOV by constructing fluid designs in colors of light blue, light greys, beige, taupe, and other colors of pure nature. It’s often surprising for one to see such amazing designs with such delicate fabrics when applied to menswear, in fact most menswear designers avoid designing unstructured pieces because it’s too difficult to execute- and for Qing Qing Wu to execute such an amazing collection it shows his mastery of design.

Whenever a show commands some of the most recognizable names in the modeling industry such as Sean Opry, Sebastian Suave, Simone Nobili, River Viiperi, and David Agbodji, it sets the tone to one spectacular show- VLOV was sure to please even the most jaded fashion connoisseurs.  Having covered VLOV since its debut, I do have an affinity to the brand, but it’s great design that keeps me engaged and looking forward to another show!


Friday, January 11, 2013

Mathieu Mirano S/S 2013: Edgy Details


Relatively young, designer Mathieu Mirano has been showing so much promise season after season with his unique, modern, and sensational take on evening and ready to wear. Using combinations of traditional textiles blended and complimented with new materials into a body flattering silhouette he produces one of the most jaw dropping presentations of New York Fashion Week.

I always enjoy a well-executed juxtaposition of edgy and feminine when it comes to evening wear; especially in long floor sweeping gowns. I feel that time and again we see the beauty in evening wear, but it often loses its unique voice amongst the millions of eveningwear in the market- this is where Mathieu Mirano’s designs stand out!

I love that at every opportunity Mathieu takes a bold chance to create a modern look, giving his creation that unique voice, but all the while still maintaining that beauty and elegance that mainstream consumers look for; for the sake of marketability- I guess I am describing one of my favorite pieces of the collection. The Green Chiffon Beetle Gown is one of my personal favorite from Mathieu Mirano’s S/S 2013 collection. The gown speaks volume in creativity but still exudes elegance.

Finally, how can one ignore the delicious floor length White Sequined Cape gown with the multi rainbow yoke?  Minimal, but with a Mathieu Mirano twist it is phenomenal!!! One truly appreciates the chicness of a cape and also well on trend for the season, but a sequined cape is just one of this things that fashion will either love or shun with disgust, and in this case fashion LOVES it!


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nina Skarra S/S 2013: Refined Glamour


Nina Skarra draws inspiration from childhood memories of her mother and grandmother as her personal style icons, their rebellious youthfulness and their wardrobe of their time. She develops her designs using her personal inspirations along with Scandinavian design and craftsmanship to create a collection of “refined glamour” for Spring/Summer 2013.

Using hues of blush pinks, ivory, silver, and sky blue with punches of natural earth tones, the collection was a reflection of pure serenity. An important component in Nina Skarra’s design is using quality fabrics and a sustainable production process, which I find commendable whenever a designer chooses eco-friendly designs.

I appreciate the simplicity of minimalism but with a touch of glamour, not through glitz and frills but through amazing design and body flattering silhouettes and indeed Nina Skarra accomplishes such a delicate feat to balance clean lines with a touch of glamour.