Friday, August 3, 2012

Venexiana F/W 2012: Evening Wear Perfected!

Kati Stern’s brand, Venexiana, has been a coveted show for many fashionistas during Mercedes Benz Fashion week. For the past 3 seasons of press covering Venexiana’s runway show I have always been left breathless by the stunning evening wears that grace the runway. Each season Venexiana always has a more lengthy presentation than any other designer; boasting 70 looks for Fall/Winter 2012, but well worth every second- no other show can ever fill Lincoln Center at 9pm like Venexiana has done and  so well.
Asking one which gown, dress, or ensemble is one’s favorite is like asking which arm one can’t live without.  Exuding luxury and un-rivaled glamour, each piece from Venexiana’s F/W 2012 collection were stunning and absolutely gorgeous, but certain pieces stood out amongst the rest. For example, the laser cut black velvet gown with sheer details left the room flooded with camera flashes and that unanimous  ‘oooh’ from the crowd, a stunning statement to close the show. Another notable piece was the turquoise draped over one shoulder floor length gown with black print details, and the gold metallic one shoulder detail dress- constructed perfectly to give the illusion that liquid gold was poured on the model’s body.
I often look forward to New York Fashion Week, but in particular another chance to see a Venexiana show.

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