Monday, January 14, 2013

VLOV by Qing Qing Wu S/S 2013: Design Serenity


Ever since his New York Fashion Week debut a few seasons ago, Chinese designer Qing Qing Wu has caught the attention of New York’s fashion elites and fashionistas alike with his fluid menswear silhouettes and light weight fabrics and construction for VLOV. Often, one is accustomed to the structured designs of menswear, but VLOV is an unexpected balance of lightweight silks, linens, and cottons that surprisingly holds impeccable tailoring.

Influenced by “tranquility and a serene sense of calmness” Qing Qing Wu reflects this in VLOV by constructing fluid designs in colors of light blue, light greys, beige, taupe, and other colors of pure nature. It’s often surprising for one to see such amazing designs with such delicate fabrics when applied to menswear, in fact most menswear designers avoid designing unstructured pieces because it’s too difficult to execute- and for Qing Qing Wu to execute such an amazing collection it shows his mastery of design.

Whenever a show commands some of the most recognizable names in the modeling industry such as Sean Opry, Sebastian Suave, Simone Nobili, River Viiperi, and David Agbodji, it sets the tone to one spectacular show- VLOV was sure to please even the most jaded fashion connoisseurs.  Having covered VLOV since its debut, I do have an affinity to the brand, but it’s great design that keeps me engaged and looking forward to another show!


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