Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Styling Work...More like fun though 5/08/2010

When the chance to style a photoshoot came up I was more than ready to lend a hand. A vintage Alice in Wonderland theme but with a naughty twist was hatched up and were set to go!! Alice and the the Queen of Hearts were my ladies for the day!!
On Alice: a tiered cut French Connection dress with scalloped edging, and to add a little depth I used a faux fur bolero!! Since the dress was straight cut I wanted to cinch to give her a little shape and used a silk rope (the ones they use for a drapery tie back). For accessories I used oversized gold chains ala Run DMC!!!
On the Queen of Hearts: with her it was just a fabric and tulle explosion!! Without using any threads or needles, no tape or clips, I used yards of red cotton fabric (Walmart fabric dept) and wrapped it around her like an Egyptian mummy!! the black cropped jacket by H&M was used to
keep it in place along with a silk rope (used for
drapery tiebacks from Walmart also). Finally, I
took yards of tulle and wrapped it around and
inside her even creating a huge rose shaped collar
and veil over her face!!

The make-up on all the girls were done by

Beverly Bonilla http://afullbeat.blogspot.com/

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