Tuesday, September 7, 2010

White & Black...Classic Edge

So for those that fear the 'white', be afraid no more!! I always turn to white for a classic, clean, and crisp look thru any season. Forget the old "Don't wear white after Labor Day" myth. During late spring / early summer I like to wear a blazer with any shorts/tee shirt outfit, I feel it just kicks the outfit one more notch above everyone else!! of course I chose black as my classic combo, but an all white outfit can blend with jackets of multiple colors--the brighter the better!!

And YES I used BOOTS!!!

from head to toe:
sunglasses- ALDO
printed tee-shirt- H&M
white slim fitted shorts- H&M
Ethnic African print jacket- Buffalo by David Bitton

Boots- ALDO (circa 2005) no longer available

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