Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mercedes Benz FashionWeek FW2011

One must wonder why in the business of fashion, (where everything must be new, NOW, and fresh) I have the audacity to post my fashion week coverage 6 months later. Simple, with millions of blogs, magazines, and television coverage talking about fashion week and its events, another blog would seem redundant amongst all that saturation. I decided to wait until the dust cleared and the fashion world is ready for the next season, while anticipating WHO's going to wear this season's hottest trends shown on the runway 6months ago.(note that fashion is always 1 season ahead) There is definitely a method to my madness!

Before I go into the shows I covered during fashion week, I have to mention that one of the most memorable moment I had was being fortunate enough to see Betsey Johnson during an interview. Being only 2 feet away from such an iconic and vibrant figure of the fashion world, it surely was an honor for a stylist who's just starting out in this crazy business. Although Betsey Johnson never noticed me, to be in her presence was inspiration enough!!!

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