Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rugged Sophistication: That's the 'General Idea'

Whether trekking through the Alps, getting lost in the Alaskan wilderness, conquering Everest, or simply walking through New York City's Central Park on a cool Autumn evening- General Idea by Korean designer Bumsuk Choi makes the rugged outdoors look AMAZING!! From wool knit shorts, color infused fur hooded jackets, varieties of modern leg warmers, and body fitting outdoor vests- who knew being outdoors could look so CHIC?

By infusing inspirations from both military and mountain outdoors, Bumsuk creates a functional and practical yet undeniably trendy collection for General Idea. Most male consumers often wrestle with the conundrum of finding something that keeps the 'masculine' look but at the same time do still look aesthetically AWESOME!! I must admit I was more than eagerly anticipating this show after I saw Bumsuk, (or at least I think it was him) in the lobby of the Hotel Empire wearing my favorite piece of the collection (camel colored wool knit shorts) - Not even a 9am show time in frigid weather could keep me away, and I surely WAS NOT disapppointed! Every piece, from hat to jacket, to leg warmers, backpacks, and boots; I wanted it ALL!

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