Friday, October 7, 2011

Jad Ghandour S/S 2012: Gold Jetsetter

Gold is the color of KINGS, and Jad Ghandour Spring / Summer 2012 collection speaks to royalty with gilded pieces ruling the runway presentation. From corsetted waistline, peakaboo cut outs on shimmering dresses, to an armour like ensemble with a bit of a 'naughty nautical' feel, to the barely there gold trunks each piece was super sexy! In this modern take I feel the collection speaks to the socialite 'jetsetter' going from his/her yacht, unto an amazing safari or tour of an exotic landscape, and off to dinner in a romantic chateau- and all she would need is this collection to change from one adventure to the next.

The baby tiger and lion in the beginning of the runway lends itself nicely to the exotic ambiance and feel of the collection, but not every piece was about the exotic cold feel of gold, in fact sevral key pieces were a wonderful array of soft 'red-carpet' worthy ensembles. In the dresses above it's amazing how Jad Ghandour makes gold feel so soft paired with silk satin as a bustline plate on one dress, and a shoulder detail with the silk blouse and tulle skirt.

Jad Ghandour

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