Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hyden Yoo F/W 2012: Classic Americana

Inspired by the classic tale of a young man and his love for that 'unattainable' beautiful woman, Hyden Yoo's Fall/Winter 2012 collection transforms classic Americana from the gilded age of "Great Gatsby" into a sexy, refined, and modern story.
Using color pallettes of muted browns, greys, blacks, and punched with royal blues and florals, with a slim and modern silhouette, Hyden Yoo marries that c;assic "old world money" society with the young movers and shakers in today's social scene.
Fabrics like suede, leather, fannel wools, cotton twills, corduroy, silks, crepe, and jerseys all combine making a young and almost effortless classic style. If one started at the right point during the presentation, one can clearly see that the story was told in such a sequence that reflects one's day to day activity- from a chic rendezvou with friends, to a day at the office, and then to a night time gala.  I must say that one piece caught my eye instantly for its classic cut and subtle understated drama. The olive wool suit with the sherpa collar was my favorite of the collection. The suit was clean, the wool fabric was perfect for fall, it had amazing tailoring with a contemporary silhouette, and it had that added drama factor with the sherpa collar detailing.
Overall, the success of the collection is within it wearability and classic tailoring. Quality definitely supercedes any fringe and frills specially considering today's economy!     

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