Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brandon Sun F/W 2012: "Silent Assassins"


A thin layer of fog envelops the show space, and the mood dark and mysterious. As one walks into the venue one is greeted by statuesque models in luxurious furs and 'to die for' knits, and that amazing vision is only a taste of the entire Fall/Winter 2012 collection by Brandon Sun. This season was the young designer's first presentation during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and was well received by many fashion critics. The venue was a buzzed with excitement discussing the soft pallettes and stunning chunky knit sweater; all layered in gorgeous furs.
Mentored by one of the most prestigous design house, Brandon Sun used his experience from J.Mendel and its creative director Gilles Mendel, to create a collection layered in signature fur- "Brandon offers clothing to women who are today's initiators, leaders, and innovators." Brandon Sun's F/W 2012 collection was inspired by 'peaceful ferocity' and hence the story of 'Silent Assassins' was born.
Personally, I love the simple, clean look of the collection, it is the layered pieces and luxurious textures that gives it that 'wow' factor. I also intrigued by this top layer of sheer fabric that gives the look just another layer of elegance. One of my favorite ensemble was look # 8 : anthracite serpentine hand knitted cashmere pull-over with sable cuffs; with anthracite cashmere gauze and storm grey crinkle chiffon wrap.One can surely appreciate the juxstaposition of feminine and masculine played in several ensembles, it's elegance with some edge!
If Brandon Sun continues to produce spectacular works like this season, he has a bright future in this industry and one surely to watch. I look forward to another season and anticipate a wonderful creation to come.

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