Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Farah Angsana S/S 2013: From Brazil with LOVE

Exquisite and stunning can only begin to describe Farah Angsana’s namesake label. No one can capture the attention of a restless fashion crowd quite like Farah; and silence the entire venue in awe, except for the shutter sounds of countless cameras and the often heard gasps of “ooh’s and ahh’s” by a stunned audience as one beautiful design after another make its way into the runway.
This season Farah Angsana drew inspiration from her international travel to Brazil and the LOVE she surrounds herself; thus creating a Spring/Summer 2013 collection full of vibrant colors, sultry and sexy silhouettes, and a regal refinement of royalty that only Farah can translate and execute in her designs.  It is often said that a beautiful soul mirrors its substance into its work; if that’s true, Farah Angsana’s soul must be truly be gorgeous- because her work is simply magnificent.

Farah Angsana’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection is a delightful explosion of colors and flawlessly constructed ready-to-wear evening and cocktail dresses. From the regal sophistication of Brazil’s elite; to the vivacious energy of ‘Carnivale’, Farah Angsana covers the gambit of a full Brazilian experience- while adding her unique and upscale touches to each design. One of my favorite designs from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection were the belted caftans, done in the most delicious colors and exquisite trims and embellishments; a wonderful combination of sexy and fluid silhouette. In particular, the “tangerine silk chiffon belted caftan with beaded neckline” was my personal favorite; the combination of tangerine and turquoise left me wanting more!

Each season I always look forward to covering Farah Angsana’s runway show, and each season I am left speechless and left with anticipation for the upcoming season. I am honored to know such a talent like Farah Angsana, and can’t wait until the unveiling of her next collection.


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