Tuesday, August 2, 2011

SEXY Mackage: Sleek and Edgy!

Season after season Mackage designers Elisa Dahan and Eran Elfassy bring sexy on the runway! Sleek body hugging women's wear juxtaposed with modern edgy men's line- a sublime mixture of simple sexiness. Without using any frills, fringe, or overtly trashy silhouettes Mackage still manages to draw the eye to the clothes with sophisticated construction.

What I enjoyed most about Mackage is that the design focuses more on quality construction and not so much about 'glitz', the clothing speaks volumes with its simplicity- sleek. From the sheepskin collar black leather jacket, to the beige fur line utilitarian coat, each piece was a statement on its own. Its often hard to find pieces that are functional but eye-catching, and pieces that can be worn straight of the runway. I felt I could grab any of the men's jackets right off the runway and wear it right out of the Lincoln Center and it would be just as functional on a night out on the town, or on a daily errand. Truly looking forward to the next runway!!!!

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