Saturday, September 24, 2011

Helen Yarmak S/S 2012..Fur Galore: rich, luxurious,stunning!

Nothing speaks luxury more than a well tailored, impeccably constructed, top quality, and unrivalled design fur coat, and Helen Yarmak pioneers an amazing selection of luxurious fur. From Alpaca, to rabbit, to mink, and Fox, each well crafted coat is to die for in every color. Several key pieces from the collection which I found interesting are the convertible jackets that can be worn with the sleeve, or with arms outside of the sleeves thru the slits and use them like butterfly sleeves. I fell in love with the stoles from the chocolate browns, to the ravishing blacks, and tantalizing reds, but my favorite of the collection hands down is the lavender and brown fur vest, it had depth in layers and simply amazing. I wouldn't mind borrowing one just for a day!! Helen Yarmak though noted for its fur creations also showed amazing RTW spring dresses and jewelry; for more info visit

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