Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ivana Helsinki S/S 2012 .. An Indian Summer:steam rising

Charming, Soulful, playful, Nomadic, and vintage with a modern take can surely describe Ivana Helsinki's Spring/Summer 2012 collection. I think what made the collection attractive is definitely its wearability. Every woman of various sizes can clearly feel comfortable and chic in any of the dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, and tops in the collection- even the platform wedges look comfortable! Several key pieces reflect vintage 60's and 70's style, but with its signature feather design it gave piece after piece a modern take. My favorite piece throughout the collection was the olive green one piece jumpsuit, though presented casually and for daytime, I can see this piece transition from day to evening with the right chunky pump stilletto, a fitted jacket, and the right accessories. I showed my mom and several people the runway pictures, and it definitely hit a good note for them- a sense of nostalgia of their youth, and each lady wanted at least 2 pieces from the show.. When a collection sells itself to a wide variety of audience- it has accomplished its goal!!
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One piece jumpsuit: favorite piece in the collection!!

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