Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Style Icon: Nickelson 'Nick' Wooster (Neiman Marcus Group)

On many occasions during New York Fashion Week S/S 2012, I ran across and shared a space with this guy not realizing who he is or who he works for, only that he stood out to me as a 'fashion bad-ass'. Although in a suit and tie, Nick always had a statement piece that made him stand out from the fashion crowd, and that's what makes one a fashion icon in my book. Style is something effortless and subtle, but undeniably noticable.
In January 2010 Nick Wooster was appointed as the Men's Fashion Director for Neiman Marcus Group which includes Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman, and with an impressive resume to back him. John Bartlett, Ralph Lauren, Barneys, Calvin Klein, and Bergdorfs are all included in his work.
I'm not above admitting that I do aspire to get on Nick Wooster's level. Iconic by definition because even in such a corporate position where stuffy suits and ties rule the day, Nick Wooster manages to be a 'fashion bad-ass'.

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