Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pamella Roland S/S 2012 : Frame Worthy!

During fashion week after several days of insanity and practically living on the New Jersey transit and train, I rushed to upload pictures and without verifying if everything was done completely I erased my memory card and went back to the tents. Sadly one of the shows that didn't upload was the Pamella Roland presentation. Everything from the clothes to the picture I took with Nigel Barker (Judge on America's Next Top Model) and his wife, and several other celebrities..all gone!
After searching my phone I found one picture and it was of the piece that I found exemplified the story and the entire collection. Though the entire collection was stunning, I felt drawn to the glitz of the sequins and how it was applied skillfully like splashes of paint unto a textile canvas. Then, it all made sense, the story of the collection was made cohesive with the clothes being presented through picture frames because the clothes themselves were a magnificent work of art. Literally, the mermaid cut dresses were stunningly covered in sequins ranging from all colors of the turquois sea, or in alternating black and white.
It's definitely a shame that I wiped out all my pictures of the presentation, and I hope to get another chance during F/W 2012.


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