Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Etro Menswear F/W 2012-2013: Fringe, Feathers, and Fur

Fringe, Feathers, and Fur were skillfully incorporated into Etro's signature paisley prints and retro-avant-garde designs. Etro's menswear F/W 2012-13 collection was a mix of western/native designs married into Etro's romantic designs and slim silhouettes. Keeping in trend with the revival of ponchos, capes, and trench coats in heavy velvets, fur lined jackets, and impeccable tailoring, Etro stands out from the crowd by keeping true to its signature paisley prints by making it bolder as a true statement piece.
My favorite ensemble of the collection (pictured above) is the paisely infused trench jacket with the matching shirt, and pinstripe gray trousers. Although attention grabbing because of the boldness of the prints, it still maintains a refined quality because of the tailoring of the jacket.
Other note worthy pieces are the brocade jacket, the fringe detail scarves, the wool ponchos, bold color velvet tops and pants, the feather detailed jackets on the backside, the head pieces, and definitely the shoes.
What attracts me to Etro is that each season and collection after collection the design stays true to its original prints, but somehow still brings innovation and a fresh take on a classic piece. Etro is defined by the quality of its tailoring and the boldness of its prints, and there is no need to ever stray from such a perfected formula.

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