Saturday, March 3, 2012

Candela F/W 2012: Western Gold

Each season I always expect Candela to transport me to another world through a story told beautifully through period inspired ensembles. Drawing inspiration from the bygone days of the 'gold-rush' and the communities that formed almost overnight with people in search of a dream, Candela's Fall/Winter 2012 collection was a wonderful mix of conservative vintage Victorian Era and modern silhouettes.
What I love most about every Candela collection and this one is no exception, is the sense of adventure it takes one, almost being part of story it's trying to convey. One such ensemble that instantly caught my eye was the hunter green cable knit cardigan with the southwest patterns paired with the gold and silver skirt. One can see how it ties into the concept of that 'gold-rush' migration through the sweater, but definitely modern through the skirt and crocodile loafers. Other note worthy pieces were the faux fur vest with toggle button closure over a cropped leather jacket,and the baby doll navy sequin dress.
Candela's F/W 2012 collection was a great blend of past and present but modern in every cut and silhouette. One can definitely appreciate the simplicity and youthful glow of Candela.



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