Monday, March 12, 2012

Gilded Age F/W 2012: "The Speed"

The rebellious and restless nature of man and his endless quest to find new horizons while holding on to youthful defiance symbolize and inspire Gilded Age's Fall/Winter 2012 collection. The Gilded Age man is defined by his quest to discover his own identity; disregarding any other person's interferance and only following his own inner voice, his heart, and intuition- He has the courage to pursue his own destiny.
Creative director Stefan Miljanic founded Gilded Age on the principle of being socially conscious, committed to organic and handcrafted fabrics and product developement. Gilded Age's F/W 2012 is reflective of it's designer's principles with sweaters made from fine Peruvian cottons, baby alpacas and Italian merino and cashmere wools. For outerwear the brand uses nylon/cotton for sporty jackets, sherling lined, and moto leather jackets with body conscious silhouettes. A key component for the brand is its Baxten Slim and Gotham Straight leg jeans done in rich colors like antracite, deep burgundy, and slate blue.
Throughout New York Fashion Week one may come across numerous even countless beautiful women's collections but it has been a struggle to find quality, luxurious, yet wearable men's fashion. So it's a thrill to see that Gilded Age is helping menswear be more competitive during fashion week with its great use of materials, colors, and body conscious silhouettes that give some refinement to men's clothing but taking away that notion of 'stuffiness' that comes with button down shirts, ties, and slacks. Gilded Age combines casual and luxury seamlessly, thus giving men an option to look well put together without ever losing that free and rebellious nature every man tries to hang on to.

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