Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Emerson F/W 2012: from War to Progress

"Powerful and Free-Spirited," defines the EMERSON woman; her essence is a reflection of sophistication and classic luxury- a woman who is fearless and shameless in indulging her eccentric side.
This season EMERSON's designer Jackie Fraser-Swan worked on several inspirations that ultimately progressed and developed her Fall/Winter 2012 collection for EMERSON. In the early stages Fraser-Swan used the black and white images of post-bombing Europe specifically of Dresden, Germany, a war torn city heavily damaged during WWII. The city initally inspired the designer by its porcelain doll art the 'Dresden Dolls', but as her research of the 1940's expanded, Jackie began exploring the roles of women during the war, and how they took on a masculine role. In the end EMERSON's F/W 2012 collection drew inspiration on the juxstaposition of masculine and feminine aspects in women's style; how their roles in society progressed and their independence of style and beauty grew.
A mix of couture and contemporary, rock and romance, key pieces throughout the collection includes silk capes, abstract ombre wool ponchos, neoprene pants and asymmetrical tops; in shades of purple, plum, and pops of lime green. One must also take notice in the lace details on the dresses, tops, and leggings in throughout the entire collection.
Personally, what I find interesting about EMERSON's aesthetics, and what ultimately sets the designs apart from the meriad of design houses is that EMERSON exudes such a feminine 'baby-doll' look, but also has attributes of being a 'bad-ass' rock-n-roll side; all together working perfectly to tell a complete story. I love that from one ensemble a 'rocker-chick' comes down the runway, but the next one is a refined woman of high social status; coincidently a feminine lady then one who takes charge and conquers life.
Cropped ponchos and the quilted knee length dress were amongst my favorite of the collection. For F/W 2012 season ponchos and capes are hot trends even for menswear, and I'm delighted to see EMERSON incorporated each into the collection well. The ombre wool poncho was a hit as the finale piece; it added such a great ingredient of mystery and mystique.
 I look forward to another season of EMERSON, and am intrigued as to what's next for the brand- What inspiration will Jackie Fraser-Swan draw from for her next creation?

(Interview with EMERSON's designer Jackie Fraser-Swan by Rocco Leo Gaglioti for Fashion News Live)


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