Saturday, March 24, 2012

Joanna Mastroianni F/W 2012: Iconic JOURNEY

One of the most stunning collections during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, New York was Joanna Mastroianni's Fall/Winter 2012. The designer collaborates with fashion icon Iris Apfel (who by chance sat in front of me during the show), and uses the ultimate fashionista's haute couture style as inspiration for her collection.
Joanna and Iris go on a fantasy journey all across the globe taking inspiration from every destination during their fashion journey. From New York City's fall scenery, to Paris, and then Asia the fantasy brings to life a collection filled with delicate embroidery, opulent trims, exotic furs, and amazing colors ranging from black deepened magenta, lustrous golden green, vibrant jade, and peacock blue. Coupled with Mastroianni's artistry and superb craftsmanship, fabrics like silk organza, black leather, chenille, tulle, cashmere, and various luxury furs were sculpted into works of art and stunning ensembles.
One of my favorite pieces of the collection was the magenta dress with the cage embroidery details almost looks like a leaf detail in black metal shimmer, and paired with a fur bolero jacket (pictured first). There is something uniquely innovative about this piece where a delicate fabric dress is encased in a hard edge embroidery, the juxstaposition of feminine and masculine was a nice layer to the collection's story. Another personal favorite was the red, black, pewter hand-embroidered silk organza gown with v neck and scoop back details (last picture below).
Elegance and Luxury entwined in couture craftsmanship sums up the entire collection. Joanna Mastroianni's F/W 2012 was visually stunning and at times I couldn't take my eyes off the runway. I was fortunate enough to be inches away from a fashion icon like Iris Apfel and that in itself made me feel as though I was part of this beautiful collection's journey.

I would also like to dedicate this to another fashion Icon, the ever youthful and vibrant Zelda Kaplan who passed during the runway show. I was a huge loss for the fashion community and unfortunately I never got the opportunity to meet her. She passed while doing what she loved most- being surrounded by beautiful fashion, and with style right in FRONT ROW. May she rest in peace.

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