Friday, July 20, 2012

DOHO F/W 2012 for Concept Korea

Antique+Queen (Antique’en) was the over all theme for Doho’s luxury inspired collection. Doho wanted to express the regal clothing of past royalties and nobilities and specifically focused on the antique look of the QUEEN.
Throughout the collection one may notice the reference of tone on tone combined together with elaborate handcrafted details, as how DOHO interprets a Queen’s wardrobe would be. Although modernized by the sultry silhouettes and vibrant color palettes, none of the luxurious feel is lost as translated into the lux furs and embellishments in the garments.
One does feel that if applied to today’s modern Queens, it would be a clear description of a rebellious yet super fashionable Queen. I can only imagine how the world press would be a frenzy if one of today’s royalties donned Doho’s fashion. I would love for Kate Middleton to show up at a function in one of these ensembles.

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