Saturday, July 21, 2012

Suzanne Rae F/W 2012: Edwardian Era Modernized

References to the Edwardian Era of fashion is clear and apparent during Suzanne Rae’s F/W 2012 collection, and the designer’s aesthetic for modernizing a classic time period in fashion and still maintain that vintage quality is wonderfully intriguing.
Quintessential Edwardian inspired fashion with a body flattering silhouette and cinched waistline yet still remaining demure, Suzanne Rae translates this impeccably in her designs with a modern twist. For example, in one ensemble Rae combines a classic Edwardian inspired skirt (though transformed into a fish tail skirt with the higher hemline in the front) with a modern menswear inspired button down shirt. Another modern take on a classic that Suzanne Rae’s collection beautifully showcased were the cropped velvet capes, a must-have trend for Fall/Winter 2012!

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