Friday, July 20, 2012

Lie Sang Bong F/W 2012 for Concept Korea

Another designer part of the Concept Korea collaborative to promote Korean designers in their attempts to break into the U.S. market, Lie Sang Bong is a true asset to the collective. Lie Sang Bong uses inspiration from ‘Dol Dam’ a traditional Korean technique of building walls by stacking stones of different shapes and sizes.
The technique of ‘Dol Dam’ is applied throughout Lie Sang Bong’s design clearly in the different sizes between the sleeves, the top half, and the bottom portion of each piece. In fact in one of the coats, the concept of ‘Dol Dam’ is reflected as the top portion is more fitted, and gradually balloons out into a larger piece at the bottom- with a stone print as well. Furthermore, in one of the dresses the ‘Dol Dam’ concept is literally interpreted with stone like cut-outs and embossed stone mimicking details.
One is highly impressed with just a few pieces shown in Lie Sang Bong’s collection, I certainly look forward to a full show by the designer in the upcoming season!

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