Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rochambeau F/W 2012: Fashion Nomad

Sebastian Suave

Paolo Roldan

Myself and PaperMagazine 's Mickey Boardman

Brooding, and mysteriously dark gave Rochambeau’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection an air of je ne sais quoi, a quality in fashion which makes a collection even more appealing. From one’s perspective I took away a sort of cool vagabond and nomadic influence throughout the collection. From the loose silhouettes, and asymmetrical cut jackets, and hats it reminds one of classic movies centered on a mysterious traveler.
It was never planned that I showed up to the presentation looking like I was part of the collection, but I am certainly drawn to this type of style which heightened my intrigue about the designs even more. This collection by far is one I can definitely relate to and can see myself wearing every piece.
One particular ensemble worn by Sebastian Suave fast became my favorite, consisting of a ‘Side skin minimalist blazer, a leather neck band jersey, and a layered leather combination pant.’ Another piece that I love is this asymmetrical jacket with the bi fold layered lapels, simple and clean but an amazing statement piece. Other aspects of the Rochambeau collection I found intriguing were these mesh like boots with the leather trims, I see myself incorporating these in any ensemble I wear.
I do look forward to seeing what this upcoming S/S 2013 brings for Rochambeau and where they will take their collection, and what inspiration will draw out their creativity.

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