Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mathieu Mirano F/W 2012: Couture Dreams

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Dragon cuffs (I want this

Red Sunray embroidered dress

Another young designer capturing the eyes of New York City's fashion elite, and captivating the press all alike is Mathieu Mirano and his couture inspired F/W 2012 collection- which boasts not only glamour but a sexy edge with black leather and dragon scale embroidery details.
One would never expect how young the designer is considering his taste in couture and how he applies it in his designs. Mirano has impeccable high end tastes which are clearly expressed in his work, and one personally feels an art deco reference throughout each of Mirano’s designs. Some of my personal favorites are the full length “Red Sunray embroidered dress” it simply exudes glamour, and the other is the “Black Organza dress with dragon scale embroidery” which gives the collection its edgy appeal. Though most of the collection is geared towards evening wear, the pant / skirt suit ensembles are amazing takes on the everyday business attire; it’s both professional and fashionably sophisticated.

Talented, with an already refined taste in fashion, Mathieu Mirano is proving to be another rising star in this difficult business. In regards to his use of textiles, and his technique of layering fabrics through amazing detailed embroidery one can’t deny that Mathieu Mirano has the potential to engage a wide variety of loyal followers and can have a successful and long career!

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