Friday, February 24, 2012

Carlos Luna F/W 2012: Argot Collection

Carlos Luna models backstage.pre-show

pre-show. with my favorite piece!!
Carlos Luna Fashion Show from GT Modern Creations on Vimeo.

Drawing inspiration from the 'secret language' of the Argentinian Tango, reflecting its sensuality, romance, and sophistication; infused with a Parisian lifestyle- Carlos Luna's F/W 2012 collection reflected the seduction of the Tango; becoming the 'Argot Collection'. From delicate fabrics of silk and chiffon, to structured leather, and rich alpaca wool, to eco friendly and alternative faux fur, each ensemble came together like a seasoned dancer performing her magic. The collection was a marriage of perfect opposites, for example the 'Gotan Dress' consisted of elements like gentle silk paired with a more masculine leather trim, and yet both come together through the designer's vision beautifully.
Having the opportunity to press cover the crazy madness of the backstage prepping area, and pass the hectic hustle and bustle of models changing in and out of outfits, volunteer dressers frantically preparing each model, and designers doing last minute fine tuning and making last minute changes, I was able to see the clothes up close and can appreciate the time and work designers like Carlos Luna painstakingly put into his creations.
One such ensemble which I found just breath taking (pictured above) was the oversized hooded faux fur vest with the complementing arm warmers, one can't help be drawn by the representation of luxury that the piece exuded, and although it's meant for a woman, I find that with a bit of 'tweeking' I myself would wear the piece! Another striking piece was the cranberry color mohair trench coat with the leather trims and belt. In fact, as it hung on the rack, myself and Isaiah Garza of (, discussed how amazing the jacket was and what outfit would he wear with it for next season's New York Fashion Week (MBFashionweek / Nolcha Fashion Week). 
I can certainly go on for pages describing how I swoon over Carlos Luna's F/W 2012 collection, but as they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words," but before I wrap this up I must make mention to Carlos Luna how appreciative I am to be able to press cover his runway collection, and I am looking forward to collaborating with such a great talent in the future.

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