Monday, February 6, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent menswear F/W 2012-2013: Tailored Leather

Since taking the helm for Yves Saint Laurent, Stefano Pilati continues the rich history of the house and its impeccable tailoring and timeless silhouettes. Many fashion enthusiast may criticize Pilati for his lack of use of color and sometimes overly drab pallette, but I for one praise his aesthetics and how he stays true to what he sees as luxurious clothes modernized.
YSL's menswear F/W 2012 collection reminds one of the 1960's era Moscow, well tailored espionage, a bit dark, mysterious, but overall alluring with a sexy air of 'James Bond-esque'. Although the inspiration is vintage, one can clearly see from the slim fit jackets and vests, to the skinny leg ankle cropped trousers on luxe wool textiles that the cut and silhouette have definitely been modernized.
Throughout Men's FashionWeek one of my favorite pieces are the trench coat length jackets whether in leather or wool. In YSL's case (1st Picture Above) the fur lined lapel and collar trench coat is one show stopper that I fell in love with and is a must have for any fashion closet.
Another mention worthy about this collection is how leather trims were skillfully incorporated into classic conservative pieces like a double breasted blazer and jackets. In many cases such a risk would cheapen an ensemble, specially a 3 piece suit, but in YSL's case leather trims only help exude refinement and class throughout the collection.

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