Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Damir Doma F/W 2012: Nomadic Chic

When I look at Damir Doma's menswear F/W 2012, I am taken back to the days when Genghis Khan ruled mainland Asia and the steppes of Eastern Europe.
Although Damir Doma's silhouette is loose fitting and oversized, it still maintains a chic edge due to its dark mysterious persona. I am a definite fan of this nomadic quality to the collection, the layered oversized look with tribal print fabrics and fur vests feels so fresh and modern even though it's inspiration is almost 1000 years old.
I must admit I am a bit biased to anything that involves a great fur vest, and for a collection that exudes edge but still feels comfortable and wearble daily, I am a definite fan.
One upcoming trend that this collection has now become a part of is the cropped pants, runway after runway many of the trousers presented has been cropped either ankle length or higher, and that being said the blasphemy of wearing 'high-water pants' or 'floods' is now a major trend that's going to continue into Fall/Winter 2012.

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