Wednesday, February 22, 2012

JSong Way F/W 2012: "Songs for Nature"

A fantastic breath of fresh air as JSong Way uses nature for inspiration during its Fall/Winter 2012 collection runway show. "Song for Nature" as its theme, natural fabric like cashmere, wool, and shantung are all woven into a collection of impeccable craftsmanship. Warm colors like butter, plums and grape, deep black, and fresh snow white give life to the clothes as nature does to all living things.
One can definitely appreciate the inspiration of nature because it brings all things back to its simplest form, it allows one to take a moment and thoroughly enjoy the beauty of the clothes without having to dissect it like we often do in this industry. In this case I truly appreciated the simplicity of the streamlined shirts punched with geometric "Origami" formed jackets, and the leaf designed dresses and skirts tied everything together flawlessly.
I think in today's ever changing and rapidly moving society, specially in this fashion industry where we are always looking forward and always depending on technology to create the 'New' we often forget that beauty is all around us- in the form of nature. Jsong Way's F/W 2012 collection is a wonderful reminder that in its purest form clothes can be breathtaking- without any gaudy and glitz neccessary!
Without a doubt I must mention the grape colored layered leaf design dress (pictured 1st above), it has the delicate elegance so often found in nature, but also has a strength in the design. I can almost see an armor like quality in the dress which intrigues me more and more as it came down the runway.
Nature is the where all beauty is inspired, and JSong Way F/W 2012 captures the very essence of beauty and translate it precisely into clothing.

Contact Info:

JSong Way
499 Seventh Ave. 2nd floor South New York, NY 10018
(212) 736-1189

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