Monday, February 6, 2012

Givenchy menswear F/W 2012: Bold Rebellion!!

Bold reds, and rebellious skirts have certainly gained momentum in the Givenchy menswear collection. Riccardo Tisci's 'gothic wear' aesthetics is certainly still apparent season after season but heightened with bold colors and amazing fabrics for his menswear F/W 2012 collection.
When Givenchy first introduced men's skirts in its runway shows it was met with indifference, and criticism by the fashion elite, but talent and impeccable work always trumps doubt. Alongside perfect tailored red suits, men's skirts are now an undeniable statement piece for any Givenchy collection.
The perfect marriage of bold colors, masculine+feminine juxstaposition, and a rebellious matador bull ring on the models, one must admit that Givenchy has brought fashion to its new podium, this is the proverbial new frontier in fashion and Riccardo Tisci is pioneering the way.
Regardless of whether one may disagree that skirts will be a fashion norm for menswear, or a simple fad to gardner attention, like anything in fashion- unless it's debatable it's not note worthy. Personally, I may not wear every ensemble as is on the models, but that's the beauty of having key statement pieces, one may take a jacket, a shirt, or a trouser from each ensemble and incorporate it into one's existing wardrobe.
In summation I must admit I swoon over Givenchy, and in this particular collection I do feel several pieces are wearable straight off the runway, and separate each piece is a wonderful addition to any man's closet. Argue one may, but fashion is forever moving forward and Riccardo Tisci is undeniably leading this crazy industry into uncharted territory.

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