Monday, February 20, 2012

Emilio Cavallini F/W 2012 : Risque Business

It's easy to cross the boundaries between sexy+trashy and sexy+classy, and with Emilio Cavallini it's clear that sexy+classy+edgy can all be married harmoniously. The Italian based lingerie designer Cavallini shows how lingerie can be transformed into a ready to wear garment by simply editing in another piece such as a skirt, a top, or a jacket and how a well crafted undergarment can be readily worn and in fact enhance an entire ansemble.
After the presentation a few attendees, myself included, discussed how there is such a fine line between 'canal street' or 'madison avenue' worthy lingerie, and we all agreed how Emilio Cavallini's designs feel high end and epitomizes the essence of true 'Italian Sexiness' refined yet very alluring.
One of my favorite piece was the jewel detailed control top and complementing stockings. It's such an unexpected piece amongst the lace, sheer, and paisely designs of the rest of the collection, and it's an eye catching piece with a little bit of bling to grab one's attention.


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